Pair of Three-drawer French-style Bedside Cabinets

Pair of Three-drawer French-style Bedside Cabinets

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£395.00 / pair(s)

This classic French bedside cabinet is made from Golden Brown stained mahogany and measures H69 x W50 x D36. Sold in pairs, they will grace any bedroom with style and flair and delivery is free.

These bedside cabinets make a stunning addition to any home and are hand-crafted using traditional carpentry techniques.

They are hand-made from solid mahogany, being indicative of the quality of their construction. They should not be confused with the inferior offerings from some high street retailers. There is no MDF, plywood, chipboard, veneers or any wood other than solid mahogany used to make these Bedside Cabinets


As every piece of solid wood is unique, our French Bedside Cabinets have characteristic grain and knot marks giving them the authenticity of solid mahogany.


This sophisticated and practical piece of furniture is highly recommended to any discerning purchaser.

Please check the dimensions of the furniture in the description and ensure that it will fit in your home before buying - thank you.


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