Where do you deliver to?

Classic Furnishings use a careful and helpful, door-to-door courier service and only delivers to mainland Britain - England, Scotland and Wales. We regret that we are unable to deliver to any address involving a ferry crossing e.g. Northern Ireland, Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Scottish Islands, etc.


What is your furniture made from?

All our furniture is hand-carved by skilled crafts people, using traditional carpentry techniques. They use only ethically sourced, solid mahogany - there is no MDF, plywood, chipboard, veneers or any wood other than solid mahogany used to make our. As every piece of solid wood is unique, Classic Furnishings products have characteristic grain and knot marks, giving them the authenticity of solid mahogany.


Are there other colours available?

Our experience has shown that most of our clients prefer either the warm tone of the golden brown stain or the darker, classic rich brown. Most of the Classic Furnishings range is available in both colours. If only one colour of a given item appears on our website, this means that we do not have any of the other colour in stock.


How long does delivery take?

All the items displayed on the Classic Furnishings website are in stock and we aim to ship within 7 days following receipt of your order.CFAW1


How much do you charge for delivery?

Delivery is free of charge for all Classic Furnishings products.


How will I know when the furniture will be delivered?

Our Classic Furnishings courier will never make a delivery unless you are at home. He will contact you directly and arrange a date and time for delivery that is convenient to you.


What if I need to return an item?

In addition to your statutory rights, Classic Furnishings will only accept returns in the unlikely event that the item has been damaged in transit. The Buyer must notify us within 14 days of receipt.


What’s the best way to clean my mahogany furniture?

Classic Furnishings suggests that you only dust with a soft clean cloth and do not use either silicone-based or wax-based polish, especially those containing lemon oil. Place your furniture away from direct sunlight and any source of heat or flame. Don’t place anything hot on your furniture and remove any spillages immediately. Regular dusting will prevent the build-up of dirt and grime.


If you require any further information on the Classic Furnishings range, please call Ian on 01387 850 539 or send an email.


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